Can I Eat PASTA After I Get My Wisdom Teeth Out? | Wisdom Teeth

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Can I Eat PASTA After I Get My Wisdom Teeth Out? | Wisdom Teeth

Probably, you are searching for Can I eat pasta after I get my wisdom teeth out?. The answer is Yes. You can easily eat pasta (soft food) after your impacted wisdom teeth removal. Also, it is the best choice to eat as a soft food after tooth extraction. It contains healthy ingredients which may help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The below article has answered all the questions that may be raised in your mind.

Can I Eat Pasta After I Get My Wisdom Teeth Out?

can i eat pasta after i get my wisdom teeth out
Eating Pasta after Wisdom Teeth Removal
Two days ago, I have removed my all four impacted wisdom teeth. They were causing problems for me like pain, swelling and other discomforts like bad breath, bad taste etc. So I went to a dentist and he recommended me to remove all of these four wisdom teeth.

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Bad Breath After Tooth Extraction

I wanted to keep them all but after seeing the X-Ray report, which showed that they (wisdom teeth) were growing in crooked direction. I decided to remove them all. My dentist consulted me about my wisdom teeth removal process as well as the local anesthesia he used during wisdom teeth removal surgery.

I slept for 1 and half hour, and when I arose all of my impacted wisdom teeth have been removed. After that, my dentist advised me some aftercare tips and strictly advised me to avoid hot drinks like coffee, tea etc, smoking, drinking alcohol, mouthwashes, brushing in first 24 hours, spitting out and talking excessively, using straw for drinking water and other fluids like juices, milk etc. 

Because all of these may cause serious problems like infection, alveolar osteitis (well known as a dry socket), pain, swelling etc. He also advised me to eat soft food for the first 5 to 7 days after surgery. Avoiding exercise was also one of these tips and instructions.

Eating Pasta After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When I asked about eating pasta after impacted wisdom teeth removal from him. He answered me, "You can eat pasta after 1 to 2 days following surgery". For the first 2 days, you need to stay hydrated. So drink a lot of water and other fluids like fresh juices.

He quoted, "You may also like to eat other soft foods like Banana, Smoothies, Puddings, egg's, popsicles etc".

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The above article answered the question "Can I eat pasta after I get my wisdom teeth out" as well as discuss other questions related to this topic. As the best soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth surgery, foods to avoid after wisdom teeth extraction etc. If you have more question or want to share your personal experience, then comment on this article.

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