Does Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth? Dentist Answer

Wisdom teeth pain, swelling, extraction and aftercare.


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Monday, 6 November 2017

Does Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth? Dentist Answer

Does everyone get wisdom teeth? Usually, wisdom teeth come in at the young age from 18 to 25 years but the age range may vary. In more than 95% of folks, wisdom teeth or third molars grow in crooked direction and cause infection, pain, swelling and other complications. This is because there is no extra space in our mouth for these unwanted guests. It is not necessary for all people to have these third molars. In many luck people, they don't come in.

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Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth

The answer is No!. In more than 30% of folks, they don't come in. In some people, they successfully grow in and don't create complications like infection, pain etc.


If you are seeing reddish, swollen gums behind your second molars or feeling pain then you may have a wisdom tooth. You can see third molars symptoms below;
  • Bad breathe

  • Bad Taste

  • Swollen Gums behind the second molars

  • Pain in jaw and neck

  • Headache

  • Fever

  • Diarrhea in some cases
Above are some major symptoms of third molars coming out.

Why is It Necessary to Remove a Wisdom Tooth?

It is because in more than 95% folks they come in impacted. They lay down in their position and grow in horizontally as push adjacent teeth and cause pain, swelling, discomfort, infection and other complications.
But also in more than 5% lucky patients, they come in straight and don't become impacted, also don't create infection and other problems.

Go to your doctor or dentist and he/she will decide whether to remove these teeth or keep them after seeing your teeth special X-Ray report. Wisdom teeth extraction in teenage is recommended because the roots of third molars not fully developed and therefore it's easy to remove these them.

Wisdom Teeth Age

There is not an exact date for these third molars to grow in. They can even come in the life of a 50 years old person. But they most come in and grow in at the teenagers (18 to 25 years old). You may get these unwanted guests at the age of 30, 40, 50 years.

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