Dry Socket Healing Time without Treatment | Wisdom Teeth

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Dry Socket Healing Time without Treatment | Wisdom Teeth

In this article, we are discussing dry socket healing time without treatment. If the pain after 2 to 3 days of wisdom tooth extraction doesn't vanish and increase over the time, then you may have an alveolar osteitis. This is the most painful and severe condition which more than 5% of people face after the wisdom teeth removal.

Dry socket healing time without treatment
Dry socket healing time without treatment
Studies have shown that an alveolar osteitis develops in women more than men because of hormonal changes, menstrual cycles and changes in estrogen levels.

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How long does dry socket take to heal depends upon the early diagnoses, infection, and condition? After a tooth extraction, a blood clot form naturally, which helps in the healing process and cover the open nerve endings and pain receptors. It also helps to avoid infection (foods particles may be stuck into the alveolar osteitis) as air or foods particles may not get into it.

Will a Dry Socket Heal on its Own?

This is the most abundant and asked question. The right answer is NO!. You must visit your dentist if you are facing any dry socket symptoms after two or three days of removal. Normal tooth extraction may take 7 to 10 days for healing but if the dry socket develops then it may take more than 4 weeks to heal.


You may follow some home remedies like clove oil, ice, lukewarm salt water rinse, OTC (over the counter) painkillers etc to overcome pain. But these may give you temporary relief, in many cases painkillers also don't work.
So you must go to your doctor or dentist and talk about his situation. Firstly, your dentist will wash or clean that particular (painful) area with chlorhexidine, saline water etc. Then a medicated paste of eugenol (extract of clove oil) will be placed with the help of a gauze piece.

Dry socket treatment
Dry socket treatment

After the alveolar osteitis packing, the pain immediately goes away and you will feel good. But you need to change or replace this dressing after every 24 to 48 hours.

In fact, medicated dressing or packing increases the healing time of a dry socket. But also it reduces pain and un-comfortability of patients. If you regularly follow you dentist instruction carefully, then the healing process will be fast and less painful.

Dry Socket Healing after Packing

As I said, packing or medicated dressing of eugenol paste increases the natural healing process but also help to reduce pain. If you maintain healthy oral hygiene as rinse your mouth with salt water, avoid smoking, hot drinks and gently brush your teeth, then there are fewer chances for an infection to develop.

Dry socket healing time after packing may be 2 weeks to more than 4 weeks depends on the situation. Because in many cases, an infection present which may increase the healing process and may create more complications in the mouth.

An artificial packing of eugenol (extract of clove oil), work as a pain relief and a barrier which prevent air and food particles from getting into the alveolar osteitis.

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