How Many Wisdom Teeth Do You Have? | Wisdom Teeth Information

Wisdom teeth pain, swelling, extraction and aftercare.


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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How Many Wisdom Teeth Do You Have? | Wisdom Teeth Information

Hopefully, you are searching for "how many wisdom teeth do you have?". This article answered some most searched questions about wisdom teeth. Like, how many wisdom teeth do we have? how many wisdom teeth do humans have? and so on. More than 50% people in the United States of America get these wisdom teeth between the age 17 to 30 years. But they may also come at the of below 17, or above 30 years

how many wisdom teeth do you have
How Many Wisdom Teeth Do You Have?

How Many Wisdom Teeth Do You Have?

Adults may have one to four wisdom teeth. Two wisdom teeth on the top and two on the bottom. The big problem with these teeth are, they don't come in or grow in straight. As they lay down horizontally and start growing in  crooked or wrong direction.

Because there is no extra space in our mouth for these four wisdom teeth. So, the wisdom teeth grow in impacted (in more cases). Impacted wisdom teeth cause severe complications and problems like severe, throbbing pain in jaw, neck, and head.

Impacted wisdom teeth erupt partially, so the food particles may get stuck into them and create an infection. The infection may take more days for healing. Swelling, bad breath, bad taste and other discomforts are common in this condition. 

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

Perhaps, you are thinking that "why do we have wisdom teeth if we don't need them". So don't worry about this question. Because anthropologists already have answered this question. 

According to Anthropologists, Wisdom teeth are vestigial organs, that have helped our ancestors in their survival on earth. Because they were neglected by the importance of healthy oral hygiene. Also, they ate uncooked, rough, and hard food. So more of their teeth was fell down before the of their adulthood. 

Our ancestor's jaws were elongated and have extra space for these newly erupted wisdom teeth. These wisdom teeth are also called "evolutionary relics" because nowadays we have a better way to eat food. As we eat cooked food and also have knives to cut food into small pieces.

What To Do If My Wisdom Teeth Don't Create Problems For Me?

If your 4 wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) come in and grow in straight. Then congratulation, because you are one of the lucky peoples around the world. Another research has been made on wisdom teeth which concluded, "Hunter families that eat rough, hard food living in the jungles of Africa etc have these four wisdom teeth without causing problems for them. Because their jaws are elongated and narrowed."


As I have discussed before that not everyone gets wisdom teeth. Some people may get one to three wisdom teeth and some may get 4 wisdom teeth. But in more cases, they come in impacted with adjacent teeth and create problems and complications for people with severe pain, swelling and infection etc. Wisdom teeth removal is the only way to avoid these problems for a long basis. But not everyone gets these 4 wisdom teeth or third molars. It depends on the environmental as well as the genetics of people living in a specific space. American's have more percentage of growing these wisdom teeth (and more often they come in impacted) than other countries.


I have tried to answer the question "how many wisdom teeth do you have? as well as some other questions like why do we have wisdom teeth? etc. If you like this article, share with your friends. You may share your own experience with us. Comment on the article. Thanks!

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