How Do You Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth pain, swelling, extraction and aftercare.


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Sunday, 12 November 2017

How Do You Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Perhaps most of you searching a question on the internet, "how do you reduce swelling after wisdom teeth surgery?". So in this article, I will show you the best magic ways to reduce wisdom teeth swelling after removal. We will discuss effective home remedies and over the counter medicine for wisdom teeth pain, swelling and another discomfort, you are facing surgery. You must read the article "how do you reduce swelling after wisdom teeth surgery?" below;

How Do You Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Surgery
Wisdom Teeth Swelling

How Do You Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth swelling, numbness and pain are common after surgery. It reduces gradually and goes away within 2 to 3 days. But if the pain, swelling increases over the time, then it's the time to worry about it. Because due to the negligence of folks, some complications like alveolar osteitis, cysts, the infection
may occur after impacted wisdom teeth surgery.

Home Remedies To Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

These are the best and effective home treatment you should follow after wisdom teeth removal.

1. Ice Pack Home Remedy

Yes, ice pack home remedy is the first and best remedy which helps to reduce swelling, pain and other discomforts after wisdom teeth surgery. Just put a small piece of ice in cloth or towel and place on a body (where the tooth extraction takes place). You will feel instant relief from pain as well as this is the best way to stop bleeding after surgery.

Ice soothes the open nerve endings (of tooth socket) and provides the good feeling for you. You may also crush ice into small pieces and then put it into towel or cloth. Now place it on your jaws as shown in the picture.

2. Salt Water Oral Rinse

Maintaining healthy oral hygiene is the major issue after wisdom teeth surgery. Because for the first 24 to 48 hours it's so difficult to brush your teeth properly. Hence, bacteria may grow in your mouth and may cause bad breath, bad taste, and infection in severe cases.

Lukewarm salt water oral rinse kills bacteria in your mouth and also provide you a good feeling. Avoid mouthwashes after wisdom teeth surgery, because more of them contain harmful chemicals as well as alcohol which may remove the blood clot and may cause a dry socket (most painful condition).

Pour one or half teaspoon into one glass lukewarm pure water. And rinse your mouth 2 to 3 times daily or after every meal.

3. Clove Oil

You may also use clove or clove oil for wisdom teeth pain, swelling after surgery. But clove oil is recommended. Because it's difficult to place and bite a small piece of clove in tooth socket which contains open nerve endings as well as a blood clot who helps in healing process.

So, dap a small piece of gauze into pure clove oil. And place it on tooth socket gently. Clove oil home remedy is on number 3, ice pack and saltwater oral rinse is first choice for swollen gums, pain, and another discomfort.

Over the Counter Medicine of Wisdom Teeth Swelling


You can use Ibuprofen (an over the counter drug) for wisdom teeth pain and swelling. Ibuprofen (Brand name: "Brufen" by Abbott Pharmaceuticals) works as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug. Flurbiprofen 100mg (Brand name: "Ansaid" by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals) is another salt of ibuprofen family you may use twice daily for wisdom teeth pain and swelling of gums.

Naproxen (250mg and 500mg), naproxen sodium (550mg), Nimesulide (100mg), Diclofenac Sodium, Diclofenac Potassium, are the best medicine for pain and swelling.

Note: "This article just provide information about the medicine. We don't recommend any medicine. Consult your doctor, dentist, oral surgeon, or pharmacist before taking any kind of medication"


In the above article, I tried to answer the question, "how do you reduce swelling after wisdom teeth surgery?". I also provide best and more effective home remedies as well as over the counter (OTC) medicine for swelling after wisdom teeth surgery. If anyone has more questions related to our topic. Then please comment on this article. Thanks!.

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